EverStart Car Battery

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Discover the EverStart Car Battery

Car batteries are rechargeable SLI (starting, lighting, and ignition) batteries. They are used to power the starter and as a source of electricity for ignition and lighting system of a motor vehicle. It powers numerous accessories we have in our cars like radio, CD recorder, opening windows, and more. In case of electric vehicles, it is a traction battery used as the main energy source.

How It Is Made

Lead-Acid EverStart car battery has 12 volts of nominal voltage and 6 cells in the galvanic series. When a battery is fully loaded, each cell produces 2.1 volts. Such lead-acid batteries consist of lead boxes and plates made of lead dioxide. They are filled with electrolyte solution consisting of 65% of water and 35% of sulfuric acid. The chemical reaction caused by it releases the electrons to generate electricity. When a battery is recharged, the surface of plates is changed to lead surface. It is caused by the reaction between acid in the electrolyte and the lead that plates are made of. Recharging the battery, we reserve the chemical reaction, so lead sulfate reforms to lead dioxide.

EverStart Car Battery FAQ

    1. How often should car batteries be changed?

If you have bought a quality car battery, it will last you up to 5 years. It also depends on maintenance. It’s really hard to notice when your old battery needs to be replaced. If you have some difficulties with starting your car or it cranks over slower than usual, take your car to a local shop to determine how well the battery holds charge. If it is bad, you have two options: to buy a new battery or to get a battery charger. This device will give your battery an extra life.

    1. What do RC and CCA mean?

RC (Reserve Capacity) is an industrial rating for auto batteries. This technical term is used to describe capability of batteries to power the car with a fan belt or an alternator that is not working. EverStart batteries with high reserve rating are more reliable because they can run your automobile longer when an alternator or a fan belt doesn’t work. Cold cranking amps (CCA) determine the efficiency of using a battery in colder temperature. If temperatures below freezing are usual for your area, make sure your car battery has a high rating of CCA.

    1. How to act when your battery goes dead?

This situation is unwilling but quite possible. It is recommended to keep a pair of jumper cables for such occasions. Then you will just have to get a car with a good battery to jumpstart your own.