EverStart Marine Battery

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What is so Special about EverStart Marine Battery

Johnson Controls Inc. is the company that manufactures batteries which are known under the EverStart brand. It has a wide batteries range for autos, marines and landscaping equipment; everything from trolling motors to large diesel engines. We are going to talk about marine batteries. Unlike other batteries, they are manufactured for water transport, and it determines certain peculiarities of this products.

EverStart Marine Battery for any Boat

The manufacturer of EverStart batteries provided a varied lineup of its product. Whether you own a simple trolling motor or a large engine boat, you are likely to find an EverStart battery for almost all purposes. But small-to-medium-sized boats are what their line is made for. You will find a huge variety of deep-cycle and starting batteries for this type of boats. Deep-cycle batteries are manufactured to provide a stable stream of current and discharge heavily. A starting battery unleashes just a small burst of energy. These batteries were designed for large boats. Smaller water transport like snowmobiles and jet skis use acid and lead-based batteries.

How to Maintain EverStart Marine Battery?

It is quite easy because these batteries are maintenance-free. They demand adding neither distilled nor deionized water to them. In fact, we don’t recommend that you open the ports to the cells, because it will void the warranty of your battery. If you want your batteries to work as long as possible for you, just keep to these simple rules of maintenance:

  • Store batteries in a clean, dry and cool environment elevated from the floor.
  • When your marine-vehicle is in long-term storage, make sure the batteries are not left connected to it.
  • Clean the terminals with specified acid cleaner and wire brush.
  • Always use a separate starter battery. A single marine battery should never supply starting of the onboard electrical system and outboard engine simultaneously.

EverStart Marine Battery – Buy it Fresh

When purchasing a battery it is very important to make sure that it hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for a long time. In this case you should be extremely attentive to its date code. It is usually placed on the label or on the battery case. Months when a battery was manufactured are marked by Latin letters (A – L). Note that A stands for January while L means the last month of the year – December. You can determine the manufacturing year by the number that follows the letter. If it is “0”, the battery was designed in 2000 and, for example, “2” means 2002.